VOTE NOW: Worst Performing Governors In Nigeria

As Nigerians prepare and anticipate the outcome of the General Elections in 2019, ‘Citizen Poll’ in a thorough assessment attempts to dissect the inputs of state governors across the country in a bid to encourage transparency in leadership.

The following governors after critical assessments, interviews and wide scale consultations measuring their performances, emerged as the worst performing governors in Nigeria with records of foul stench of poor performances, dwindling Nigeria’s fortunes locally and internationally.

Which of these governors is the WORST PERFORMING GOVERNOR in Nigeria


  1. In terms of capital project Aregbesola governor of Osun state is one of the best. But the governor has performed very low in the area of education sectors by refusing to pay workers salaries.

  2. Buhari or whatever you call him is total failure and disgrace to Nigeria.,and will fail in the field no matter how the FG rigging power.the voice of the suffering citizens shall be translated to voting ATIKU/OBI ticket to save this Dieing Nation.

  3. Wow prince actually president Muhammadu Buhari can never be a failure infact he is the best thing that has happen in Nigeria and Insha Allah he will be back 2019

  4. PMB is far a better alternative to any other Presidential aspirants. Though the main 2 contenders are PMB and Atiku. Definitely, Atiku will run a capitalist government which may better the economy in the short run but will worsen situation of things in the long run as there is every likelihood that the assets of the nation will be sold to his friends and cronies. Let us give PMB opportunity for the 2bd term, we will all enjoy in the long run.

  5. How on earth would any responsible Nigerian vote for a President that couldn’t keep to to his electoral promises, rather he and his party dragged this country into reccession, empoverished the masses and killed thousands of its citizens in Benue, Platue and Borno state and other states in the North. A President that has shown so much body language of his intention to Islamise this Country. Please we must ATIKULATE for a better Nigeria, come 2019.

  6. Rochas Okorocha of Imo State is the worst governor of any state since the amalgamation of Nigeria. He is monumentally corrupt, clueless about governance and a clown in matters of infrastructural development.


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