VOTE NOW: Opinion Poll on 2019 Presidential Election

2019 Presidential Opinion Poll: Who will you vote for?



    • Buhari disappointed my expectations on the toll of deaths by violence, the increase of poverty and hunger in the country, high level of unemployment, his bad policies, favouritism and hatred in leadership, etc. His model of leadership does not fit Nigeria. He failed me woefully. Let him retire and leave.

  1. Comment:
    I am of opinion that current President Buhari us a very honest Nigerian, who has not soiled his hands with corruption. I want him to be president again for the next 4 years.

  2. Every polls everywhere, even the one conducted by Atiku’s own group, DSG were all won by Buhari, a clear indication that the president, Allah willing and spare our lives, shall retain his seat come 2019.

  3. We the PDP Youths Advocates Forum Bauchi State Chapter we firmly endorsed ATIKU ABUBAKAR to be our next President Federal Republic Of Nigeria Come 2019

  4. Nigerian electorates are supposedly matured enough to know that bad governance is harmful to our country……so lets join forces together and vote for the right candidate in the person of Sowore.

  5. Today the flag off for campaign has been signalled by inec. From today it’s going to be a choice between reality and conjecture. Darkness and light. But definitely not about empty promises.

    • Atiku is also my choice. Most of Atiku supporters are either not aware of this opinion poll or do not understand its implication, otherwise, Buhari would have been floored by Atiku. We need to intensify and broaden our mobilization.

  6. It is pertinent we remember that social media vote in Nigeria doesn’t always translate to potential outcome of actual election reason being that the most online voters, mostly the educated, people living outside Nigeria or very far from their voting centres in Nigeria do not vote on the election day. The large percentage of voters are those in the rural areas, those that have no access to internet nor use internet enabled phones.

  7. Atiku Abubaka is the only politician in Nigeria today who has the capacity to transform this country to work again. So Atiku all the way.


  9. Buhari all the way! Nigerians are yearning for consolidation of all his infrastructural developmental efforts in the next 4 years.

  10. Comment:I really appreciate such act of requiring of people assumption and such analysis in order to prevent up coming misunderstanding between aspirant.

    • Yes thank you so much, all this people that is following buhari and atiku are only fighting for their pocket and forget abt 2moro

  11. We need a pragmatic and forward looking President whose focus is not inhibited by dogmas. We need that individual with realistic potentials to advance the course of the Nigerian people. I see in Tope Fasua the man that can put up the right team and give the right direction to our desired path

  12. With the look of things we don’t need a prophet to explain why things are the way they are therefore, we need someone who can help us change the changed for our good and the country at large. Thank you.


  14. Comment:Nigerians and lovers of Nigeria need a constant polling of the current political actors to prepare all for the final outcome of the 2019 elections.

  15. The truths man the Philanthropist man known as Alhaji ATIKU Abubakar he is my best choice ever
    Let’s Nigeria working again

  16. Our beloved country requires NOW a Leadership with a concise and workable working document that addresses our unity, economy and security. Only Atiku Abubakar / Peter Obi has proved and renowned to possess that. I VOTE ATIKU

  17. I would have loved a revolution that will see all people above 60 years out of political office but Nigerians are still crude.Therefore I preferred Atiku.

  18. I am still waiting for the opposition (PDP) to bring any corrupt allegation against the president, anything short of that is “SAI BABA”. I voted for him in 2015 and I will do the same in 2019.

  19. Atiku is the direction Nigerian’s have suffered enough from the tyrant and needs a man that will recover all the lost jobs by Mr buhari..

    • My Vote is for Atiku Abubakar and represents that of several millions within my constituency who do not have the required capacity to participate in this exercise due to poverty plague on them by the PMB government. sunny Onyemachi

      • ur talking as if the people from ur constituency deprived off voting have the capacity and capability to alter the voting pattern.. have u thought about the millions of almajiries who have no means to participate in this exercise too?

  20. His excellency General Muhammadu Buhari is really working for the future and has done alot for the youth and pensioners in particular and for the whole country in General.

  21. I stand with equity not equality, I stand for fairness not midocracy, I am an atiku supporter and stand with him all the way.

  22. OMOYELE SOWORE is the right man for this job……. no sane person should fault this. Anyone here still shouting Buhari or yelling Atiku i beg to say a big srryfor their future. Sane youths will vote for their good future and that is SOWORE. I am just tired of mediocre youths littering around Nigeria. Are they daft?

  23. Comment:I stand for the truth,even though the level of development is not too visible,the security situation in the north east is enough for some of us to consider pmb.we hope to give him another chance to consolidate his developmental activities before resting our case

  24. Comment:The worse thing that wil happen to Nigeria is for Atiku to become The President of federal Republic of Nigeria. God for bid! PMB Carry go

  25. If the data on this poll is not manipulated by APC or PDP agents, it shows some nigerians actually voted. Hence I believe strongly that Nigeria needs to be recolonized by real humans. because the poll implies that most of the voters cant think straight, poor but think thry are rich, blind but think they can see, suffering but take it to be normal…….

  26. I vote Omoleye Sowore. I’d love to add that every Nigerian here that has voted either Atiku or Buhari is satisfied with mediocre government, unfairness, corruption, lies and has been completely brainwashed, and as such, should be killed because your lives are of no importance if you cannot see that these old men don’t have your interest at heart. Everyone that supports buhari and or atiku, including buhari and atiku should be locked in a room and be brutally fired at repeatedly.

  27. Don’t bother to yourself to vote here, they have already programmed majority of the votes for one person (Buhari). You will vote, it will count towards Buhari.

  28. Abeg e b like dat people way dey die Nigeria dey OK wit dere suffer…. Wic blind person God give one chance to see again but e say Na blind he or she wan remain, buhari or atiku both of dem Na bad news… Vote SOWORE OMOYELE #AAC…..TO GOD I NO UNDERSTAND NIGERIANS I SWEAR..

  29. Sai Atiku insha’allah. Atiku will create jobs for the youth to stand on their own, not paying them every month through Npower to become Lazy.

  30. I stand with Omoyele Sowore. AAC/TIB. We need to think Nigerians, let’s vote out the old cargos, the analog brains and vote for youth that will digitalized the nation.

  31. We all know that it’s misguided ones like you that’ll still vote for someone that has no plan for the betterment of the country. Pls vote wisely, vote out the “change “ cos we can’t move to a better “next level” by economic depreciation and recession.

  32. Comment:I will vote my able President,Muhammad Buhari,Because he’s dedicated and hardworking president,i will vote for him 2019

  33. Buhari is the only best option for now, he only needs to work on his economic policy to take us to the Next Level. I stand with Baba ke
    Sai Baba

  34. With the the incessant killing of herdsmen, Jubril Sudanese scandal portray as our President and loss of jobs leaves Buhari a convict than a Presidential candidate. It doesn’t matter the votes but who we need. Let’s remember what happened to Morsi in Egypt after his victory in the polls.

  35. No one like PMB for now. Very prudent, full of integrity and unparalleled commitment to greater development of Nigeria. He’s is not given to frivolities. PMB all the way!

  36. If you reside in Nigeria and vote for Buhari: You don’t love your country.

    He is the worst thing that has ever happened to this nation

    Mr Intergrity indeed!

  37. PMB all the way!!!!
    I will surely and sincerely vote President Muhammad Buhari come 2019, because he is what we call “Integrity” himself.
    He has never and will never soil his hand with corruption.
    Thanks for the fight against corruption Mr President, I wish you a great strength to fight through and come 2019 Inshaa ALLAHU L Kareem, its next level.
    PMB Till 2023

  38. I voted for PMB. At least for now he his still saving us from ourselves because corruption has eaten deeply into us that it has become dog eats dog scenario. PMB all the way come 2019.

  39. Comment:APC is home for the homeless.
    Bihar/Osinbajo all the way, till 2023. And Osinbajo and their minds like 2023 onward. Until all the riff rafs in this nation are removed and the country well sanitized.

  40. I swear to almighty God… This platform is not a trusted one. We need to investigate what’s going in someways. I can clearly see the manipulation from the old cargos. But not to worry, 2019 will turn out to be a movie that will be remembered all your live. Nigeria is done with trash.🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️

  41. A right thinking Nigerian will not vote for buhari except it was cow that impregnated the mother of such a person, died long time in London but since we re so sallow minded no one cares to investigate as a confrontation allegation. Useless and hopeless youths of Nigeria

  42. Atiku come to resqe Nigeria from this terrible calamity problems no more bad leader bad ecomeis raygt of niral to dollars
    Atiku it’s time come ooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Atikulated no shaking, want to vote a man that doesnt see only himself as a righteous one like PMB. We want a breath of fresh air n Atiku is the answer.

  44. My daddy nd uncle was sacked during this administration from their various companies. Please Nigerians help me SEND bubu away…..we all voted for Buhari in 2015 but not him again

  45. I can see that almost 99% of people living in nigeria dont really understand government, he/she is been elected to serve the people and not to be served, what does buhari have to campaign when he is the one in power? And for atiku, what is he looking for again upon his age and investment, they have to stop ruling because nigeria is not their office place they can run to and make money while the people are in exile dieing, lets vote who we know that have been on the fight and see what he can do, we can try him for 4 years and if he cant do anything better, we can take him out too, let us all stop this money politics so that the poor intellectual that have nigeria in mind can come out one day and say i will to work for my country. This is my opinion thanks. Lets try a new party (aac)

  46. I am still having some cash remaining in my account incase buhari insist that we must pay him before voting fo him, wallahi I will vote Buhari if he wants to come back for another 3 terms

    And as per PDP, if they remove atiku as their presidential candidate and replace me, wallahi i will still vote for Buhari in 2019.

  47. This is the worst government I have ever experienced we APMF Rivers State chapter endorse and vote for a real change, we vote for working together to build a great Nigeria, we vote for Alh. Atiku Abubaka

  48. If you like Trump then you must vote atiku and Peter obi(business inclined = job creation) Atiku. Buhari left us unemployed. Security : zero. No matter the corruption fight or the integrity of buhari, people are supposed to be alive to witness good things not dead

  49. Atiku is your next president. Even the council of heaven had endorse him.
    If you didn’t know, know now and enlighten your friends and family.

  50. Nobody with his or her right sence living within Nigeria would want to vote wrongly again, Atiku is d best candidate to take Nigeria from this hunger government to better level. We cannot afford to waste another four years

  51. Nobody with his or her right sence living within Nigeria would want to vote wrongly again, Atiku is d best candidate to take Nigeria from this hunger government to better level. We cannot afford to waste another four years

  52. Well the most important thing in life is change….this is our Nigeria and we deserve all the best. I guess it’s time for us Nigerians to try something new, lest Atiku too.


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